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During this time of uncertainty, our team here at Kendall Hunt wants to make sure that students still have the option and ability to continue learning.

We invite you to browse some special offerings just for those who are looking for resources to share with students or do at home. Our digital resources include access to online curriculum, activities, and webinars.

Check back regularly as our resources are continuously being updated.



60-Day Access to Teacher and Student Curriculum

We are providing educators free access to our K-12 digital curriculum for 60 days. This will allow teacher and student editions to be accessible digitally. Offerings include:


  • Math Trailblazers

  • Project M2

  • Project M3

  • William & Mary Social Science

  • William & Mary Social Studies

  • William & Mary Language Arts

  • BSCS Science: Tracks

  • Kindergarten Stepping Stones

  • ByDesign Science

  • Pathways 2.0

Middle School

  • Math Innovations

  • Discovering Algebra

  • Discovering Geometry

  • Personal Fitness

  • Tech in Practice ​

  • William & Mary Social Science

  • William & Mary Social Studies

  • William & Mary Language Arts

  • ByDesign Science

  • Pathways 2.0

High School

  • Discovering Algebra

  • Discovering Advanced Algebra

  • Discovering Geometry

  • Precalculus with Trigonometry

  • Calculus

  • Statistics in Action

  • BSCS Biology: A Human Approach

  • Forensic Science for High School

  • Global Science

  • Kendall Hunt Chemistry

  • William & Mary Language Arts

Please contact your state-specific representative to be granted access.




Resources from Our Partners



Illustrative Mathematics Digital Curriculum, Grades 6-12

Kendall Hunt is proud to partner with Illustrative Mathematics providing the only free, digital IM Certified middle school and high school curriculum. The IM curricula are built around focus, coherence, and rigor. Trusted, expert-authored materials were developed to equip all students with the skills they need to thrive in mathematics.

Access IM 6-8 Math and IM Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 curriculum here:

Additionally, Illustrative Mathematics has a wealth of resources available on their new distance learning webpage. Here you can find these resources:




OpenSciEd Middle Grades Free Science Program

OpenSciEd was launched to improve the supply of and address the demand for high-quality, open-source, full course science instructional materials. The goals of OpenSciEd are to ensure any science teacher, anywhere, can access and download freely available, high quality, locally adaptable materials. OpenSciEd is releasing six-week units of instruction as they are completed and externally evaluated as quality by Achieve’s Science Peer Review Panel.

OpenSciEd classroom materials are an open education resource and therefore free to download, copy, use, and/or modify. You can download the instructional materials free of charge at Access Materials page on the OpenSciEd website.




inquiryHub Biology for High School

inquiryHub is a Research + Practice Partnership program housed at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Institute of Cognitive Science. inquiryHub engages in research and development of materials, tools, and processes to promote equitable student learning of STEM.

inquiryHub Biology for High School is a deeply digital open educational resource with a license under Creative Commons​. Users can access the digital materials at no cost as well as download, copy, print and/or make productive adaptations to​ the materials for use in the classroom. The course curriculum can be accessed via the inquiryHub Biology Landing page. To facilitate classroom use of the curriculum, inquiryHub Biology and Kendall Hunt are working together to provide affordable, printed companion materials. For content and course-use questions contact



Looking for Catholic religious education resources? RCL Benziger has a number of offerings for home, school, and parish.​