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BSCS Science: An Inquiry Approach Level 1 Teacher Edition

Author(s): Bscs-Science Inquiry

Edition: 1

Copyright: 2006


The Teacher Wraparound Edition with reduced student pages means teachers are on the same page as the students and still have access to the strategies and answers. The Teacher Edition provides teachers with important background information, strategies for guiding the students through each activity using an inquiry-based approach, answers to the questions posed, and outcomes and indicators of success for each activity.

The teacher edition also includes a chapter organizer, a comprehensive list of materials, reminders about advance preparations and safety, and important reminders about misconceptions students might have.

Teacher Resource CD-ROM

The Teacher Resource CD (TRCD) provides additional resources that teachers will find useful. The TRCD includes the following:

  • An implementation guide
  • A guide to assessment
  • A guide to collaborative learning
  • Copymasters and rubrics for activities
  • Optional activities
  • Toolbox activities
  • A correlation to the National Science Education Standards

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Bscs-Science Inquiry

BSCS is a nonprofit organization that develops science curricula for all grade levels. Based in Colorado Springs, BSCS celebrated 50 years of service to science education in 2008.

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