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Discovering Advanced Algebra: An Investigative Approach Student Edition

Edition: 3

Copyright: 2017


Changes in society and the workplace require a careful analysis of the algebra curriculum that we teach. The curriculum, teaching, and learning of yesterday do not meet the needs of today's students. 

In Discovering Advanced Algebra, students work with real data, real-life situations, and real-world applications to realize the value and enjoyment of learning mathematics. In the digital ebook chapters are incorporated with digital graphing tool from Desmos.

Innovative classrooms incorporate investigations, experiments, and cooperative learning. 

Students approach traditional and contemporary algebra topics from many different perspectives, exploring concepts informally and intuitively before seeing algebra in its abstract, symbolic representations. 

Students use technology, such as graphing calculators, computers, and electronic data-collection devices, to explore problems, ideas, and concepts from different viewpoints in a learning environment that encourages a spirit of discovery. 

The coherent nature of the content structure enables students to see the connections between families of functions. 

Students use both technology-related and paper-and-pencil problem-solving tools. 

Explorations and investigations emphasize symbol sense, algebraic manipulations, and conceptual understandings. 

Students make sense of important algebraic concepts, learn essential algebraic skills, and discover how to use algebra as a practical and flexible tool.


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