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Insights In Biology: Journey of Discovery: Teacher Edition

Author(s): Education Development Center

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2007


Teacher Edition (Four Color Case Bound - NEW FORMAT!)
The Teacher Edition contains an introduction to the curriculum, an introduction to each of the four units, an introduction to each learning experience, and teaching information specific to each learning experience.

The learning experiences in the Teacher Edition are set up in a wraparound format. This layout makes the pertinent information more accessible and helps teachers to successfully implement Insights in Biology. Information in the margins surrounds the student pages at the point of use. For each learning experience, the information includes:
--the purpose of each activity;
--teaching strategies;
--responses to Brainstorming and Analysis questions;
--science background;
--support for facilitating activities;
--suggested questions for facilitating discussions;
--questions to assess student understanding;
--suggested homework.

Each learning experience in the Teacher Edition has a section designed to help students synthesize the understanding they gain from the activities, experiments, and readings. This section identifies the conceptual understandings and connections that students should be making and provides questions to help students construct understanding.

An Assessments section follows the learning experiences in each unit. This section includes answers to check-in questions, as well as rubrics to help evaluate the embedded assessments.

The Teacher Edition also includes a Teacher Resource CD-ROM
The Teacher Resource CD-ROM provides documents for the teacher to incorporate throughout the program. The sections on the TRCD include:
--Blackline Masters
--Equipment Instructions
--Implementation Guide

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