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Daily Practice Plus

Grade Levels: Elementary


Accessible from any Internet-enabled PC, Mac, iPad, or tablet, Daily Practice Plus can be used to support any math program. It is rich with CCSS-aligned content and serves as an ideal digital resource for after-school programs, math clubs, summer school classes, and home schools.

Daily Practice Plus provides content that aligns to the Common Core State Standards, allowing teacher to customize tasks and assessments that completely focus on the CCSS.  Once tasks and assessments are completed, the Daily Practice Plus monitoring and reporting functions indicate student and classroom performance. 

Students create their own personalized avatar to complete assignments that provide incentive rewards.  Along with completing tasks and assessments, students are free to complete additional independent practice activities at their own pace.    

All Daily Practice Plus content addresses basic math facts and supports the following math strands:

  • basic math facts
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • data
  • number sense
  • computation
  • time
  • money




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