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Kendall Hunt Chemistry

Grade Levels: High School


Kendall Hunt Chemistry introduces core concepts within 12 real-life chapter themes. The chemistry needed to understand the theme is introduced within each chapter so that students see the relevance and cross-concept connections of chemistry in their daily life.

Engaging Yet Rigorous Designed to engage all students, this standards-based course provides an application-based approach that is college-preparatory in its rigor.

Learning Like Scientists Using the "need-to-know" approach used by real scientists, students learn the science at the point they need to understand a problem. Concepts are introduced at a place where they fit the theme and not ?forced? into a spot where they don?t belong.

Online Resources "Go Online" icons throughout the book direct students to an interactive student edition where they can view animations or check their understanding with self quizzes. Additionally, the teacher edition and all materials included on the teacher resource CD are available online. All online resources require codes for access.

Customizable All labs, quizzes, reading guides, and PowerPoint¨ presentations are completely editable to save time in meeting specific teacher and student needs.

Authentic Assessment Each chapter ends with a lab or project that varies from traditional lab to inquiry lab to research to creative writing to persuasive writing. Quizzes are also available for sections within chapters.

Everyday Materials When possible, labs use the actual product being investigated. (For example, instead of titrating an acid sample prepared by the teacher, students will titrate a sports drink to determine acid concentration.)

Varying Lab Methods This text exposes students to varying lab methods, from "cookbook" techniques to guided inquiry and inquiry labs. Inquiry within labs takes on a guided approach initially and works toward students having more responsibility for their lab experience in the spirit of true inquiry.

NSTA SciLinks Web resources in the Student Edition direct students to recommended Internet sites and extended activities.

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