Kendall Hunt Publishing

Math Intervention

Grade Levels: Kindergarten , Elementary


    Math Intervention for the Common Core State Standards helps address the specific needs of individual students. Its focused intervention approach provides an additional thirty minutes of instruction each day by focusing on specific Common Core standards that learners have been unable to master.

    Teacher Guides contain prescriptive instruction for two grades: the designated grade level and the grade level below. There is a lesson for every standard, and every standard incorporates multiple examples accompanied by a visual. Content is presented to students through an easy-to-use flip chart that address standards within each elementary mathematics domain. Because of the program's direct instruction format, it can be successfully used by classroom aides and volunteers as well as teachers.

    At each grade level, the program focuses on the standards for which students have been identified as deficient. Materials are flexibly designed to address content in any order to meet classroom needs. The intervention also addresses mathematics vocabulary, and a computation section is included at all grade levels to help students address basic math facts.  Pre-tests, along with a grade-level test, measure the intervention's effectiveness.

    Complete packages are available for each K-5 grade level and include:

    • Teacher Guide with scripted instruction and Assessment Masters
    • Flip Chart
    • Mathematical Vocabulary Cards