Kendall Hunt Publishing


Grade Levels: Middle School , High School



Kendall Hunt is a partner of VictoryVR, a state-of-the-art virtual reality science curriculum that opens the world of learning to endless possibilities. The curriculum is NGSS-aligned and can be used as a supplement to any science curriculum.

Students can take virtual field trips to places such as Redwoods Forest, California; Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and take an interactive tour of a human cell through virtual reality science curriculum.

Each module includes five experiences for students: virtual field trips, interactive 360 activities, movies in a virtual theater and assessments connected to the cloud. Existing modules created previously include America’s Lakes and Rivers, where students experience a barge on the Ohio River and the importance of clean waterways as well as a 255-acre marsh in Iowa. 

In The Sun & Solar System students are guided through the inside of the Astrophysical Research Consortium 3.5M telescope, where the public is never allowed to go. Here students learn about how the telescope and lens function while watching the apparatus prepare for use. Students also get to experience traveling the solar system viewing the planets, sun and moon at their own pace.