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William & Mary Gifted Language Arts Curriculum

Grade Levels: Elementary , Middle School , High School


The William & Mary Center for Gifted Education Language Arts units have been aligned to national standards within each grade level as well as two to three grades above the grade level. In addition to addressing the regular language arts standards, the William & Mary language arts curricula also focus on analyzing and interpreting literature, issue-based research skills, vocabulary development and analysis, and persuasive writing.

The language arts units incorporate advanced content-based thinking models such as a literature web and a vocabulary web to help students understand and analyze text and words. Students are introduced to the literature web early in each unit. For example, after reading a short story or poem, students analyze and justify keywords and feelings. They are asked to describe images and symbols, identify structural elements within the story and how they contribute to the meaning, and elaborate on the main ideas of the selected piece. Discussion and reflection are critical components of this advanced content organizer. Students are asked to reflect individually about a passage, share ideas with a partner, and then discuss findings in a small or whole group setting with teacher guidance and feedback.

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William & Mary Navigators Novel Study Guide Units

Kendall Hunt is excited to announce the addition and relaunch of The William & Mary Navigators Series! Developed by the Center for Gifted Education at the College of William and Mary, the Navigators Heritage Series novel study guides are the perfect language art resource for teachers to prompt classroom discussions. The Navigators guides are available as downloadable units. 

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  • "CFGE Teaching Units foster the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, creativity and problem solving. These thematic teaching units have provided my district, Allen ISD, Allen, Texas, with a unique and dynamic set of open-ended learning opportunities that are research-based and geared toward our high ability, gifted learners. The CFGE units provide teachers with meaningful lessons to promote interest, engagement and authentic understandings across disciplines. The CFGE inquiry-based teaching models provide differentiation and support levels of depth and complexity across content areas. Boost and inspire your students to navigate the CFGE Language Arts, Social Studies and Science units".

    Barbara Hinton,Allen ISD, Allen, Texas