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Inspire a Love of Math through Cryptography

January 24, 2020

By: Kendall Hunt

CryptoClub offers students a different perspective of math curriculum. By applying basic mathematical concepts to the method of cryptography, the art of deciphering codes, students engage in fun games while simultaneously learning math.

CryptoClub is designed to be used in the classroom as a supplemental resource, or as a part of an after school program. Its goal is to grab the attention of students who don’t traditionally enjoy mathematics from a textbook.

The University of Illinois at Chicago developed The CryptoClub Project with the aid of a team of experienced mathematicians. The project was then tested on various students and teachers nationwide for over six years. In result, CryptoClub is now a part of after school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, libraries, etc., available for over 3000 students.  

“What I liked the most is that it made me better at math,” said one CryptoClub student. Mathematics topics that are covered in this program include: cryptography, decimals and percentages, division with remainder, common factors, negative numbers, pre-algebra skills, pattern recognition, and problem-solving.

“I liked it because it was something new,” said another CryptoClub student. The CryptoClub curriculum gives students opportunities to explore new techniques and to try out their own ideas. Perseverance is often needed to crack an encrypted message. Students reflect on their thinking and check whether the decrypted message makes sense.

The program includes more than unscrambling letters or shifting the alphabet around. It requires mathematics such as multiplication, division with remainder, common factors and large prime numbers. Students require a deeper level of thinking in order to use coders and decoders to create and find patterns.

“Kendall Hunt is pleased to offer CryptoClub as a new approach to mathematics. We understand that all students cannot learn the same,” said Kendall Hunt K-12 Vice President Charley Cook. “The curriculum will help immerse your upper elementary and middle school students in mathematical thinking and problem solving.”

CryptoClub will be available in print as a student book and teacher leader guide that includes access to Kendall Hunt’s ebook system, Flourish. If you are interested in staying up to date and learning more about our new CryptoClub curriculum, sign up now.