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Kendall Hunt on the Road - Conventions 2016

April 29, 2016

By: Lynn Steines, Manager - Event Planning

All sights were set on Nashville at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) conference. NSTA celebrated their 64th annual conference, March 31-April 3, with over 7,800 in attendance. Attendees gathered to view the featured new editions of Forensics and BSCS: Biology, A Human Approach. Barbara Ball, author of Forensics, presented during the conference and also spent time in the booth touting her new edition. In the new edition Kendall Hunt has partnered with Murder at Old Fields.

For many years, Kendall Hunt has sponsored the National Science Education Leadership Association Outstanding Administrative Support Award at NSTA and this year was no exception. According to Nancy Kellog, NSELA Awards Chair, this prestigious award recognizes and honors an outstanding administrator who, through their professional work, has demonstrated exemplary support for science education at the school, district, and/or county level.” Curriculum Director Tim Pope presented a plaque and monetary support to the award recipient at a luncheon during the conference. Linda Cole Atkinson, PhD, Associate Director for K12 and STEM Partnerships, Norman, Oklahoma was the 2016 recipient.


Traveling across the mid-west to the west coast, we made our next stop at the National Council Teachers of Math (NCTM) conference in San Francisco, April 14-16.

Many workshops were conducted during NCTM; Discovering Geometry, Discovering Algebra, Math Innovations including our Math Trailblazer’s authors who presented to a packed house. As K12 Elementary Curriculum Sales Consultant Meg Yeakey stated, “It was so exciting to see a packed room of participants. People filed in and some had to sit on the floor after filling the 150 seat capacity room”

A new, fun math event was held during the conference entitled the Kendall Hunt “Math Puzzlepalooza.” Approximately 35 educators enjoyed food and beverages while collaborating to solve high-level math puzzles from Kendall Hunt programs. Test your skills on the following math question from Discovering Advanced Algebra to determine if you would have been a winner at the event. The answer is at the end of this blog.

Question: A polar bear rests by a stack of 3000 pounds of fish. He plans to travel 1000 miles across the Arctic to bring as many fish as possible to his family. He can pull a sled that holds up to 1000 pounds of fish, but he must eat 1 pound of fish at every mile to keep his energy up. What is the maximum amount of fish (in pounds) the polar bear can transport across the Arctic?



Answer: 533 pounds of fish