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National Online Learning Day

September 15, 2019

By: Kendall Hunt

September 15 marks the celebration of Online Learning Day! It’s no secret that the addition of online learning components to curriculum is necessary for today’s modern classroom. Students start school with a strong understanding of technology and using tools to engage and pique students’ interest has proven to help them learn new concepts.

The online learning statistics speak for themselves and no wonder more and more educational products include online components. Did you know? E-learning increases learning retention rates by between 25% - 60%. The statistics for face-to-face learning retention rates are 8% - 10%.* Courtesy of e-learning, students are able to control and tailor their learning process as needed.

National Online Learning Day brings to light how students of all ages and learning capacities can thrive when given the ability to learn online. It also allows students to engage with learning opportunities anywhere, anytime and experience new things while using their imagination to take them to new places.

One such product is Virtual Learning Social Studies (VLS), developed by a team of education professionals, having 25 years of highly awarded experience in curriculum creation.

This interactive online learning curriculum is for middle school students in grades 5-8. Its various units focus on history, government, geography and economics. The materials have been designed to meet the changing K-12 educational needs of today while looking at the requirements for digital education curriculum models for tomorrow.

The user-friendly curriculum is based on preparing students for the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards, designed around inquiry-based and engaged learning practices while featuring intriguing broadcast-quality video and graphics.

The benefits of using online learning tools, such as those noted above, go on and on. With the incorporation of technology in the classroom slowly becoming the new norm, this does not dismiss the “traditional” textbook-based learning style.

We are proud to offer a host of products that include online learning components and tools to enhance your student’s learning experience and increase their comprehension of the material being covered.


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