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  • I have been using the Discovering Geometry materials for about 12 years, and I'm a HUGE fan. My students enjoy the investigations and forming the conjectures. The constructivist approach enhances their understanding and learning. When the order of some topics were rearranged in the latest edition, some things don't flow as well (such as covering areas of circles before circumference), but I've made my own adjustments.

    Carole Ota
    Hawai’I School for Girls
  • I really like the way they present the material to the students. Better than most curricula I've seen, they have the students try and figure out the material themselves. When the students do that, they not only understand it better, but retain the information longer and are able to recall it easier. I only wish my students were able to learn their material this way before getting to my class, because it was a tough transition for them to go from the formulas being told to them, to them figuring out the formulas and reasoning behind the formulas themselves.

    Scott Lockhart
    East Bakersfield High School
  • This is my 20th year using the Discovering Geometry. I am currently using DG, edition 5 (my 3rd to work with). The content lends itself to much self-discovery through guided investigations. I like how the courses, not only make sure skill content is achieved, but guides into higher, critical skills. The technology is appropriately dispersed throughout the topics.

    Marilyn McArthur
    Math Teacher
    Paragon Prep