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Research conducted on Project M3 demonstrated a significant increase in student understanding across all mathematical concepts from pre- to post-testing. Students using the curriculum consistently outperformed a group of like-ability students who did not use Project M3 on standardized testing and open-response items from international and national tests.

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  • We adopted the Project M3 Curriculum in our district and are implementing it in an advanced 5th grade math class. I have never been so ecstatic about a curriculum! It has revolutionized the way we are teaching in our district. I am one of 6 teachers that was selected to teach this program across our 7 elementary schools! We have been forever changed by the methods and depth of knowledge we have gained from this curriculum. Our first unit was The 10th Street Pet Sanctuary and we literally had students begging for the unit not to end. Every day my students run into class excited about what learning will take place!

    Niyiere Joseph
    Madison City Schools in Madison, Alabama