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Extensive research was completed by the authors at the UChicago Financial Education Initiative. This included an analysis of other programs and research about how students learn financial concepts, decision-making, and what students need to know. The results of the research provided the basis for the program. 

"One thing that sets us apart is our engineering approach to curriculum design. We design, test, and revise—and then repeat. This iterative process is essential to designing the best possible tools for teachers and students." —​UChicago Financial Education Initiative 


White Paper Research

In designing and developing finEDge, the team first conducted literature reviews on numerous topics related to high school financial education, including major financial domains and pedagogical issues related to high school teaching and behavioral change. The team wrote white papers on each topic, which included a summary of the research and related recommendations for the design of the finEDge curriculum and professional development supports. These white papers guided the initial development of the curriculum, while field-testing and external expert review of the curriculum were used to refine the initial version.