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Insights: Grade 6 Music to My Ears Teacher Guide

Author(s): Education Development Center Inc

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2006

Pages: 270


This module takes advantage of adolescents' interest in music by using it as the springboard for investigating the generation, reception, and manipulation of sound. The learning experiences address common questions about sounds: What is sound? How do we hear sound? How do sounds shape our world?

Through the use of string apparatus, homemade instruments, and models, students explore the physics of sound. Then they investigate the physiology of the ear and the unique structures of the ear. Students also look at the technology of recording, playing back, and amplifying sounds by examining records, CDs, and audiotapes and building their own speakers.

  • Specific teaching and management strategies
  • Detailed teaching sequences for teaching the first three phases of the Learning Experience (Getting Started; Exploring and Discovering; and Processing For Meaning)
  • Reproducible masters for Student Science Notebook pages, Group Recording Sheets, and Home-School Worksheets
  • Extension activities in science, language arts and social studies
  • Assessment materials (an introductory questionnaire, embedded assessments, and a final questionnaire consisting of performance and written components)
  • Science Background (provides general science concepts as they are introduced and developed in the module) to help prepare teacher
  • Teacher and Student Resources section (annotated lists of children's books, teacher reference books, and technological aids)

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