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Insights: Grades K-1 Balls & Ramps Teacher's Guide

Author(s): Education Development Center Inc

Edition: 2

Copyright: 2003

Pages: 222


This module builds on children's prior experiences with balls and how they move. Children focus on two themes: the properties and characteristics of balls and some of the factors that affect the way balls behave.

Children begin by comparing how a wide variety of balls roll and bounce; next they construct balls out of clay and many other materials; and then they explore the movement of different balls as the balls roll down ramps, through tubes, and around bends.

Each Teacher Guide includes: 

  • Specific teaching and management strategies 
  • Detailed teaching sequences for teaching the first three phases of the Learning Experience (Getting Started; Exploring and Discovering; and Processing For Meaning) 
  • Reproducible masters for Student Science Notebook pages, Group Recording Sheets, and Home-School Worksheets 
  • Extension activities in science, language arts and social studies 
  • Assessment materials (an introductory questionnaire, embedded assessments, and a final questionnaire consisting of performance and written components) 
  • Science Background (provides general science concepts as they are introduced and developed in the module) to help prepare teacher 
  • Teacher and Student Resources section (annotated lists of children's books, teacher reference books, and technological aids) 


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