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Project M2: Mentoring Young Mathematicians; Grades K-2

Grade Levels: Elementary


Project M2: Mentoring Young Mathematicians is a series of eight curriculum units designed for grades K-2 to foster inquiry and engage students in critical thinking, problem solving, and communication activities. Aligned to the Common Core State Standards for geometry and measurement, Project M² units focus on “in-depth” mathematics using research-based practices and standards in mathematics education and early childhood education. Level K focuses on geometry and measurement while Levels 1 and 2 focus on geometry, measurement, and numbers. Through the use of engaging characters who guide students through the curriculum, students are led to new learning environments where they can develop reasoning and communication skills related to each area of emphasis.

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The latest Number Units for Levels 1 and 2

Level 1 Exploring Number Games: Making Sense of Numbers with Imi & Zani engages students with a deeper understanding of numbers by focusing on important overarching concepts, representation of numbers, and comparing numbers. Throughout the unit, students assist Imi and Zani with solving the Mystery of Number games. 

Level 2 Shopping at the Bazaar: Connecting Number and Algebra with the Meerkats explores the ideas of expressions, equations, and the equal sign. During their adventure, students travel to a shopping bazaar to learn about numbers and engage with basic algebraic concepts.