Kendall Hunt Publishing

Donating Endless Possibilities

December 5, 2019

The students of two middle schools in Dubuque, Iowa, are now able to visit the inside of a cell and explore the solar system thanks to a donation of five Pico Goblin virtual reality headsets preloaded with various science modules. Kendall Hunt made the donation on Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019, to  Washington Middle School and Mazzuchelli Catholic Middle School. Kendall Hunt Publishing President and COO of, Chad Chandlee, Kendall Hunt K12 Division Vice President  Charley Cook, and VictoryXR CEO Steve Grubbs, presented the headsets.

Through Kendall Hunt’s partnership with VictoryXR, students now have access to explore and experience unique, educational science materials within the comfort of their classroom. Each science module is NGSS-aligned and can be used as a supplement to any science curriculum in grades 6-12.

Teachers are able to incorporate field trips, mini-lessons, stories, and interactive experiences to strengthen the understanding of popular science units such as properties of matter, molecules, the solar system, dissection, and many more.

Students can take virtual field trips to places such as Redwoods Forest, California; Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina and take an interactive tour of a human cell through this virtual reality science curriculum.

Learn more about how our partner VictoryXR makes this possible for educators. Discover the state-of-the-art virtual reality science curriculum that opens the world of learning to endless possibilities. 


Pictured are Charley Cook, Chad Chandlee, and Steve Grubbs presenting the virtual reality headsets to a science class at Washington Middle School.