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The CryptoClub project began at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is now located at the University of Chicago’s Center for STEM Education. Through a series of grants from the National Science Foundation, the team has developed books and digital activities for teaching cryptography to middle school students. These curriculum materials were developed by mathematicians who have experience in mathematics education in both formal and informal settings, and tested by teachers and students in an iterative design process over six years, including a 2012-13 field test in 29 national sites.

The project has trained over 250 educators who have led CryptoClub programs for over 3,000 students in locations around the country, including schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, libraries, 4-H Clubs, YMCAs, and other informal educational sites.

The project is currently funded by a five-year National Science Foundation grant to expand the program and increase its impact. The work includes a partnership with the National Girls Collaborative Project to develop a network of training sites around the country that will offer CryptoClub training workshops for educators. ​