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The CryptoClub curriculum immerses upper elementary and middle school students in mathematical thinking and problem-solving. It provides opportunities to explore important topics through informal activities that promote cooperative learning.

Mathematics Topics covered:

  • Cryptography
  • Decimals & Percents
  • Division with Remainder
  • Common Factors
  • Negative Numbers
  • Pre-Algebra Skills
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Problem-Solving

CryptoClub activities give students the opportunity to apply mathematical concepts, which they have usually encountered during their formal schooling. In the real-world setting of cryptography, students improve their understanding, reinforce their skills, and increase their appreciation of mathematics.


Student Component:

The CryptoClub Cipher Handbook is the centerpiece of the CryptoClub curriculum. It is a student reference and workbook that is recommended for use in informal learning environments such as afterschool and enrichment programs. It introduces ciphers in a way that encourages problem-solving and reasoning and provides engaging messages to encrypt, decrypt and crack. The Cipher Handbook can be used with whole-class instruction or with self-paced work in small groups.​


Teacher Component:

The CryptoClub Leader Manual accompanies the CryptoClub Cipher Handbook and helps teachers lead a CryptoClub program. It provides suggestions for teaching, along with an answer key, and discusses connections to middle-grade mathematics. It also describes games and activities that provide students with additional practice in an engaging, informal way.​