Kendall Hunt Publishing

Discovering Algebra, Third Edition

Grade Levels: High School


Written to the Common Core State Standards using a student-centered, discovery-based pedagogy, Discovering Algebra helps students become mathematically fluent, prepared for future study, and career-ready.

Discovering Algebra teaches a range of skills required to prepare students for college and career. It works toward building technological understanding, connects algebra to other areas of math, and encourages both conceptual and procedural understanding of algebraic ideas.

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  • I teach an 8th grade algebra class to about half of our 8th graders and have been using Discovering Algebra for about 7 years. I really like the layout of the text and the resources online for the kids. The problems are engaging and lead us to explorations outside the book that enhance learning significantly. The fact that the book encourages kids to work together, but allows for individual practice as well means that everyone becomes a teacher, peer coach and learner and the whole class takes responsibility for bringing everyone up together. My favorite part of the newest version is the problem strings. These are powerful learning moments and the discussions take us deep into the math. While I use the book fully for my algebra class I often pull out investigations and problems for my pre-algebra 8th graders as the lessons are easily differentiated. Discovering Algebra is an excellent resource for us.

    Hillary Quist
    Math Teacher
    Elysian Charter School
  • The investigations are a great "hook" for the lessons. The get students excited and engaged about the upcoming topic. It gives them ownership of the material.

    Tom Beatini
    Math Consultant
    Jose Marti Freshman Academy