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Discovering Advanced Algebra, Third Edition

Grade Levels: High School



Discovering Advanced Algebra investigations provide a careful blend of guidance and discovering that stimulates learning. Throughout the third edition Discovering Advanced Algebra the investigations were created to ensure students were given sufficient opportunity to look for and generalize patterns focusing specifically on algebraic representations of the mathematics covered in a particular lesson. Students may work in pairs and in groups, and each investigation provides rich discussion opportunities for whole-class participation.

The LISA lesson plan model is a research-based framework for teaching the content while cultivating the Mathematical Practices. The LISA planning model is a four step learning cycle model. The four steps are:

Launch:  Ways to spark interest, assess prior knowledge, make connections, use engaging scenarios, etc.

Investigate: Ways for students to become actively involved with the problem, skill, or concept

Summarize: Ways for students to articulate mathematical ideas and vocabulary from the lesson, and to compare and contrast ideas and strategies.

Apply: Ways for students to practice what they have learned, extend the use of skills and concepts learned, and to make connections to other learning

Differentiated Instruction recommendations for each lesson allow teachers to easily adjust instruction for English language learners, struggling learners and advanced learners

Modifying the Investigation gives three pacing options - Whole Class, Shortened, and One Step - that provides flexibility in lesson planning

Critical Questions and Big Ideas point out important topics from each lesson, help frame discussion, and connect the investigation to the learning objectives.

Problem Strings ancillary is also included for all adopters. The regular use of powerful routine problem strings helps teachers before and after an investigation. Each lesson has a problem string and these are being used more often by teachers to preview big ideas that will arise in an investigation. 

The digital version of Discovering Advanced Algebra now includes, an all-in-one software combines calculation, geometry, graphing and statistics. It’s features include natural display input/output, drawing and handwriting recognition, and drag-and-drop separable graphs. Plus, students can share and export their work.

Sample Lessons
Discovering Advanced Algebra Lesson 1.1
Discovering Advanced Algebra Lesson 1.2
Discovering Advanced Algebra ReasoningSkills.pdf

Solutions Manual

Answers with worked-out solutions to exercises, chapter reviews, mixed reviews, Improving Your Skills, and Take Another Look are more complete than the annotations in the Teacher’s Edition or the selected answers in the student book.

Teaching and Worksheet Masters

Blackline masters of select student text, enlarged graphics, and sample data sets can be used as student handouts or overhead transparencies.

Investigation Worksheets

This downloadable resource provides a worksheet for every investigation to make your lesson planning easy. For investigations that involve collecting data, two versions of the worksheet are provided––one with sample data and one without. These worksheets include graph and table templates as needed and space for student work. 

Problem Strings ancillary

The regular use of problem strings helps teachers before and after an investigation. Each lesson has a problem string that is purposefully designed sequence of related problems that help students construct mathematical relationships. Problem strings are more often being used by teachers to preview big ideas that will arise in an investigation, solidify the ideas and skills that come up in an investigation and invite students to prove or justify their ideas.

Assessment Resources

Quizzes, tests, and exams with answers and constructive assessments with grading rubrics.

More Practice Your Skills Student Workbook and More Practice Your Skills with Answers 

Blackline masters of additional practice problems and answers can be used as student handouts or overhead transparencies.

Condensed Lessons: A Tool for Parents and Tutors

Direct-teaching lessons enable students who miss class to catch up.

Condensed Lessons in Spanish Lecciones condensadas en español

Direct-teaching lessons help Spanish-speaking students who miss class or need a better understanding of the content of a lesson.

Calculator Notes

Course-specific instruction guides for the Texas Instruments TI-73, TI-83 and TI-83/84 Plus, Casio CFX-7400G Plus, and Casio CFX-9850GB Plus help students use their graphing calculators and bridge the gap between pencil-and-paper techniques and calculator language and mechanics.

A Guide for Parents

This guide includes tips for working with students, chapter summary exercises, and review exercises with complete solutions in both English and Spanish. 


Program Features for Ancillaries


Kendall Hunt is committed to the successful implementation of our programs. Upon adoption of our program, we will work with district leaders to create an implementation plan that maximizes your ability to use Discovering Advanced Algebra to fulfill your instructional vision and goals.

Professional learning options include:

  • Traditional day-long workshops on a choice of topics, including:
    • Orientation to the materials
    • Instructional strategies
    • Standards training
    • Authentic assessment
  • Collaborative lesson planning/team teaching days
  • Administrator/coaches training; including training on the Kendall Hunt CCSS classroom observation app 
  • Consultation on the development of a district scope and sequence using Discovering Advanced Algebra materials
  • Webinars


Professional Development


The regular use of the powerful routine called problem strings helps teachers before and after an investigation. Learn more about Discovering Advanced Algebra Problem Strings.


Discovering Advanced Algebra Problem Strings