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BSCS Science Tracks: Connecting Science & Literacy

Grade Levels: Pre-K , Elementary



The National Science Education Standards (NSES) and Benchmarks for Science Literacy guided the development of the curriculum framework, the lesson outcomes, and the overall approach to teaching and learning found in BSCS Science Tracks.

The research on children's thinking and development of science concepts informed the outcomes and sequence of activities in each module.

For All Students
Hands-on science motivates all students to learn concepts and skills. All students can participate in the activities at their developmental level. The program provides team support and encourages independent investigations.

Constructing Understanding
The "5 Es" instructional model sequences the learning experiences for the students so that they construct an understanding of concepts, not just recite and memorize information.

Active Learning
Students are actively involved both physically and mentally in doing science and technology. The program emphasizes high-interest, developmentally-appropriate activities that are related to students' lives.

Collaborative Learning
The structure for collaborative learning is built into the program. Through collaboration, students engage in dialogue and discourse that help them learn concepts and the inquiry skills involved in doing science and technology. It also provides a means for students to develop important social and management skills.

Assessing Understanding and Abilities
Instruction and assessment go hand-in-hand in BSCS Science Tracks Each lesson includes a variety of assessment strategies that involve students in demonstrating what they know and can do.

The activities and organization of the program encourage the active involvement of both girls and boys and are appropriate for students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Engaging Young Learners
Students become engaged in the process of scientific inquiry and technological design by asking questions, conducting investigations, using tools, finding evidence, keeping reflective journals, and sharing their evidence and ideas. Students learn to work together as reliable members of a scientific team--a great way to make sure everybody in the group is involved and successful. The modules also encourage independent inquiry through which students find answers to their own questions. Within each lesson, students check their own understanding individually or with their team. Multiple strategies for assessment are clearly outlined for teachers. BSCS Science Tracks makes learning science exciting, yet manageable, for today's busy teachers.

Helping You and Your Students Focus on Learning
BSCS Science Tracks engages young learners in doing science and using technology through active, inquiry-oriented experiences guided by the National Science Education Standards and the Benchmarks for Science Literacy. Through investigations into the weather, plants and animals, electrical systems, ecosystems, and much more, students not only develop an awareness of the world around them, but also an understanding of how the world works.